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Is your retirement plan up to the challenge?

Retirement Planning for the 21st Century

Planning for retirement today is different than it was 5 years ago. The stock market rises and falls in reaction to events half a world away. People are living longer than ever, meaning their money needs to last longer. Record government deficits and government spending will almost certainly lead to higher taxes and inflation.

Many retirement plans are simply no longer applicable for today’s volatile economic conditions!

Let Foresight Financial provide you a solution so you can feel more confident about your retirement savings solutions.

Complimentary 2nd Opinion

Warning: The government will not notify you of your eligibility or of these planning opportunities – It is your responsibility to learn them for yourself!

So, sit back and relax, nothing will be sold at this 100% informational event. Due to the popularity of this workshop, reservations will be taken on a first-call basis and seating is limited for the comfort of our guests. If married, please bring your spouse.

RSVP today to guarantee your seat by calling us toll free at 800-769-1601

    We will discuss…

  • Washing D.C. Effect – Legislative changes and their effect on your lifestyle
  • Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits – 567 ways to claim
  • Increasing Your Income – Are you prepared for all of the expenses?
  • Protecting Your Family – The single document every couple should have
  • Getting a Second Opinion – This may be the most important financial decision

    Bonus Topic: Tax Free Retirement

  • How to have a tax-free income for life
  • Strategies to never lose money in the stock market gain
  • The impact of taxes and inflation on your financial future, retirement and legacy
  • Simple solutions for a sustainable retirement
  • The benefits of powerful downside protection your retirement
  • Options for tax-free growth and access

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